Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Did Our Duty

I got another sticker yesterday (see the picture?). We went down to the Bellevue Community Center and participated in the early voting that is allowed here in Tennessee. I am scheduled to work from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the real election day, so we utilized this option so that I wouldn't have to take any time off. As you can safely assume, I punched the button for the McCain/Palin ticket. I've come to feel even better about this choice recently. I also reluctantly voted to keep our incumbent Republican Senator Alexander in office. My hesitation was due to his recent vote on the bailout bill (see previous post). I actually met his Democrat opponent, Bob Tuke, at the Vandy-AU game and was able to ask him how he would have voted on the bill. He was unable to give me a straight answer to the question, so I figured it would be safer to keep the Republican in office. Additionally, I voted to get rid of the Democrat U.S. Representative for our district. He also voted to pass the bailout bill and seems to be very weak on security issues. I have done my duties, though, so I still reserve the right to complain about the government (yes, even if my guy wins).

Vote Pro-Life!!!

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