Friday, October 17, 2008

Barry's Tax Plan... an enormous scam. How can anyone actually believe that he can actually cut taxes for 95% of the country? In no way at all is this possible. The math just doesn't add up. For one thing, a third of working Americans don't even pay taxes. Yes, it's true. Has he even considered this fact? I seriously doubt it. Facts just seem to get in the way of liberal logic. If only 2 out of 3 Americans actually pay taxes, how can you cut them for 95% of us? The reasoning is just blatantly absurd. These tax cuts he's claiming to give to 95% of the country will actually just be a redistribution of wealth since it is taken from the rich and given back to the poor. He has even said so himself. He literally wants to "spread the wealth around" because, in his own words, "it's good for everybody." Is he serious? Taking money from someone to give it to someone else is good for everybody? I'm sure the "rich" guy whose money was taken at a much higher rate so that it can be given to someone who chooses not to work doesn't agree with this statement. This is SOCIALISM! B. Hussein Obama also claims that everyone who makes less than $250,000 has not received any tax breaks. This is just laughable. Again, what about the 1/3 that don't pay ANY taxes? Isn't that a tax break? Well, I guess it's technically not a break since it was never done in the first place. Obama is just plain ignorant when it comes to this topic and it's a shame more Americans can't realize this.
Even if you believe that people who earn more money should pay more in taxes (as if that's very American), there are more facts to be considered. 1) These rich people are the ones who employ you and all of America. When was the last time someone who makes $20,000 gave you a job? As far as I know, it doesn't happen very often. I'm pretty certain that my employer (CVS) makes more than $250,000 a year. How clueless do you have to be to not realize that their increased tax rates will trickle down to me and all my co-workers. With their increased tax burdens, do you think they'll be more or less likely to retain or hire additional employees? It's hard to comprehend how unemployment would be lowered since corporations would ultimately be less likely to hire people. I do understand that there is a considerable amount of greed and corruption in big corporations and they want to keep as much of what they make as they can, but what is so wrong with that? Don't you want to bring home more of your paycheck instead of giving such a big chunk of it back to the government? Why shouldn't these people be allowed to want the same for themselves? 2) This approach also discourages people from trying to make more money and improve their individual situation. If you are going to get taxed more because you earn more, this can simply deter you from even trying to do so. For example, when Ronald Reagan was still working as an actor, he would actually sit out for a portion of each year because any increased earnings he brought home were taxed so high that it wasn't worthwhile to work any longer. But it's not Ronald Reagan who is hurt by this approach, even though he was considered a rich guy; it's all the people who would have had jobs working on his films that lose out (again, the trickle-down effect). How is this not obvious?

While McCain's tax plan is also quite flawed, at least it is not derived from socialism. He will try to cut taxes for everyone...even the evil, rich people. Obama thinks this is unfair. I have several problems with McCain's plan, as in what he plans to do with my tax dollars. Both candidates seem to want to expand governmental control on your life to some extent. It's just frightening how far Obama is willing to take it.

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