Friday, October 3, 2008


The bailout plan just passed in its second round at the House. Congress is such a joke. This title of representative is so ironic that it makes me sick to my stomach. Poll after poll has shown that the majority of Americans oppose passage of this financial bailout, yet our "leaders" feel they know what is best for you, even more than you know yourself. Could they be any more condescending?
I now feel that I should deserve a bailout for all my poor decisions as well. For example, the other day we bought some bread but failed to notice the expiration date was only one day away. Therefore, our bread was growing mold before very much of it was consumed. Shouldn't Congress send me $1.79 so that I can recover from this financial disaster? That seems to be the way they feel America should be run. Just because someone else's financial problems involve larger numbers does not mean they are more deserving of government handouts than my family is.
Another update: The DOW is now plunging immediately after the bill was passed.
Today is just a sad day so far. At least last night was fun, since I got to listen to Sarah Palin blow Joe Biden out of the water.

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