Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today is Game Day

Saturdays in the Fall are great! ESPN GameDay came to Nashville this morning for the Auburn-Vandy game, but we didn't get up in time to make it down there. We have several friends who stayed with us last night, and a couple more are on the way. All the girls are getting ready, so it will still be a while before we get to head to town. We're going to try to scalp some tickets for the game while we're there. Hopefully, we can find something rather affordable. If not, we'll probably just come back home to use the big screen and watch it or go to a restaurant in town. My prediction for the game is that Auburn will win 31-10. That may seem bold, but I'm feeling pretty confident in my team today. The new offensive changes should be beneficial, and our defense is usually pretty dependable. On GameDay, Corso picked us to win, but Kenny Chesney (who was given Kirk Herbstreit's pick) said he thought Vandy would win the game. I think he was just trying to make friends, though. Corso repeatedly informed him that he didn't know anything about football. Well, I guess I'll go put on my orange t-shirt now because we'll probably be leaving pretty soon. War Eagle!!!

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bendboyd said...

sorry about the loss...apparently chesney did know what he was talking about.