Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's Ride

Riding a bike uphill is hard! This is probably an obvious point to everyone reading this. Anyway, I took my new Trek down to Percy Warner Park today and had a pretty hard time getting up the hills. It was a whole lot of fun coming down, though. The trail starts with a pretty steep climb, but the ride down is quite exhilarating. Being able to travel over half of a mile without pedalling once makes for a fun ride. I had to wait until later in the afternoon to take the bike out since the weather here in Nasvhille was a bit dreary for most of the morning. The weather also kept me from being able to work on my golf game earlier today. Even "Joe Scarecrow" had to come inside for the day due to the inclement weather. However, he will be headed back out soon since the rain has ceased.

*Update: the DOW is down over 500 points today. Other numbers: it is down 33.3% from its peak a few months ago. It is below 10,000 points for the first time sine 2004. Man, this bailout sure is working nicely.

The second debate between the presidential candidates is here in Nashville tonight. The town seems to be pretty excited over all this attention. I will actually play a pivotal part of this debate. One of the debate organizers from Belmont University came in my pharmacy yesterday to purchase cough drops for the audience. I made a recommendation to use the CVS brand honey-lemon flavor based on my own personal experience. She followed my advice and purchased two large bags of individually wrapped cough drops with hopes that they will keep members of the audience from creating too much background noise. So, if you tune in to watch tonight and notice no coughing from the audience, you can thank me. In advance, you are welcome.

Well, my natural desire to feed is beginning to kick in, so I need to find some nourishment. Check back soon, my friends.

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