Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nothing Too Serious

First of all, I just want to apologize for not blogging in nearly a week. (Don't even try to pretend that my absence has not deeply saddened you). I've had computer problems, was out of town for the weekend, and spent 15 hours at CVS on both Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, my blogging time has been severely limited. I know many of you have been disappointed to not hear what is going on with the Hatchers or to know how I feel about any current events, and for this, I am deeply sorry.

Anyway, Betty Clair and I went to Auburn for the football game this past weekend. Our alma mater was almost able to get away with a surprising win over the top-10 ranked Georgia Bulldogs but came up a little bit short in the end. I wasn't too surprised by the result, but we still had a lot of fun. Nevertheless, the team does finally seem to be showing signs of improvement. Hopefully, they have just been saving their best performance of the season for the final game of the year. I also must use this space to give thanks to John Aldridge, my brother-in-law, for providing us with the tickets for the game. This was very kind of him.

Today was my first day off of three in a row, which will be very relaxing. I almost feel a bit lazy about it, though. I did, however, call our district office and try to see if there were any open shifts I could pick up at other stores. That gave me somewhat of a clear conscience about it. Betty Clair and I also found out earlier that I will be working on Thanksgiving Day and she will be off. We were originally told that we would both be able to work on Thanksgiving (and get holiday pay), but CVS has decided to close more stores than previously planned in an effort to produce better fourth quarter earnings. They have also cut employee hours for all stores, so the next couple of months should be really exciting...but not in a good way.

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