Friday, January 30, 2009

What If...

Imagine that Obama did not win the election in November.  Instead, imagine that the country elected a man or woman who secretly hated America.  

Let's assume this new "president" had such a strong disdain for the country that his only reason for being in office was to cause as much damage as possible while the opportunity was available.  This person would immediately set forth with an extreme agenda that would  cripple the economy and weaken our military defense. Perhaps, he might even be open to the idea of simply killing millions of innocent Americans every year.

Now that you have an idea of this person in your head, can you think of any way at all the policies of a genocidal maniac such as this would differ from those of Obama himself?

First of all, this $819 billion tax theft in which he takes so much pride is just the type of thing our worst enemy would like to see happen to our country.  We will be so preoccupied spending gross amounts of taxpayer dollars with unnecessary construction projects and bailing out ACORN that we won't have any money left to stop a silly terrorist attack.  It's very likely that ol' Bin Laden is getting pretty excited in some cave right about now.  Then again, Bin Laden is just one little guy over there... or is his capture the only measure of success?  Obama kept changing his mind so much on that topic that I don't remember which is true.

Secondly, his promises (a.k.a. threats) to weaken our defense system are also the same type of thing that the other person I described would plan to do with the position Obama now holds.  Unless you've been living under a bridge in India, you're well aware by now that he doesn't plan to keep military funding at its current level.  See video.  I'm just hoping he is not a man of his word, because some of those promises he has made are quite frightening.  Then again, his message is sometimes hard to pick up on because everything he says is so pretty that I just get overwhelmed by it all.

I'm going to assume you already know what I'm referring to when I mention his openness to killing innocent Americans.  If not, then I'll just let you know I'm hitting on the abortion issue again.  Just like an America-hating tyrant, his conscience seems to find nothing wrong at all with the mass murder of the most helpless Americans of all.  How a man with this view can ever be considered compassionate is far beyond my comprehension.  But, I guess I'm just a dumb guy from Alabama.


Anonymous said...

You are not a dumb guy from Alabama. You are just a dumb guy. Geography has nothing to do with it.

Ross Hatcher said...

What an intelligent rebuttal!