Friday, January 9, 2009

Shock and Awe

I knew it was going to happen.  It was obvious from the beginning.  I even told Betty Clair exactly how it would play out.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  I'm referring to the reactions of democrats in Congress to the appointments of Roland Burris to the Senate and later Leon Panetta as CIA director.  Allow me to elaborate a little.

I'll start with Rod Blagojevich's selection of Roland Burris for the vacant Illinois Senate seat left by PEBO.  At first, Congressional leaders were shocked (note the title) that the dirtbag governor would exercise his power and proceed with this appointment during such controversial times.  They promised to refuse to seat Burris because his selection would be so tainted.  With such turmoil and controversy surrounding his appointment, democrat leaders like Harry Reid wanted to be sure to show the country that they in no way wanted to be part of such egregious dealings.  However, they have recently backed off a bit from these threats because, in reality, these types of dealings don't bother their conscience at all.  They just want you to think that.  Truth be known, they're just glad to have another liberal goofball in the Senate.  That's why their "shock" seems to have toned down so much over the past few days and transformed into a sense of "awe."  Harry Reid now even refers to Burris as "extremely nice."It was all just a show to make the country think they were opposed to corrupt, amoral scenarios such as this, although it is their normal method of conducting business.

The scene has pretty much played out the same way for Leon Panetta and his being named CIA director.  Republicans are outraged, as they should be, because the guy has no experience in intelligence and is way too soft in the way he has promised to treat terrorists who might have some information on pending attacks.  Democrats pretend to be disappointed also due to his lack of experience in this field, but deep down they're actually excited because now the government will probably free all the captured terrorists in Guantanamo and maybe even give them jobs here in America.  Hopefully they're union jobs.  I wouldn't want them to not get paid when a plant is shut down.  How could they send money back home to fund jihad?  I actually think Panetta's technique for getting info out of Muslim terrorists might be to tickle them.  Then the rest of the world might not think we're so mean here in America.  Isn't that all we want anyway... to be liked by everyone else?

I have to wrap this up now because I'm being pressed by my wife to go get some dinner.  Forgive me if it seems less organized than usual.  I didn't get a good chance to proofread.

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