Friday, January 17, 2014


Symmetry is beautiful.  At least that's what they say.  I don't know who they are, but they say it.  Therefore, it must be true.

And apparently Blair agrees.

While shopping at a children's clothing store in Gulfport last week, Blair stopped running around the store momentarily to play with the Lego area they had set up.  This alone is enough to melt her dear father's heart. 

She needed some assistance gathering the stray Lego blocks, a task to which I gladly obliged.  Then I sat back and watched.  She began to assemble the blocks on the table in a intriguing fashion that grabbed my attention right from the start.  I made sure not to interfere because my curiosity was desperate to see her finished product would be.  When she was done, this is what I saw.

If you can't tell, the arrangement of the block is perfectly symmetrical!  And, no, it's not a fluke.  Betty Clair has just been so blessed in life that she will be afforded the honor of spending years and years with two obsessive-compulsive minds in her home.  Life is sweet!

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