Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Well, I suppose I'll go ahead and make it official by posting it on the blog.

Betty Clair and I are moving to Alabama!

We've found a home in Grand Bay and are actually in the process of purchasing it now.  As it turns out, buying a home is a really complicated process.  Who knew?  Needless to say, Betty Clair is also fairly excited about the prospects of getting to decorate an entire home.  Pray that our bank account copes well with her endeavor.  I'll have pictures of the house for you in a later post.

We'll also still be working for CVS, so that will lend to a smooth transition and relieve us of having to find new jobs.  After discovering that there were two Mobile openings with the company a while back, we felt it was probably a good time to take advantage of the opportunity and make our move.  Unfortunately, we'll lose the luxury of only having to work every third weekend that we now enjoy in Nashville.  However, I won't have to work any more 15-hour shifts, either!  I guess that balances out.

Leaving our stores in Nashville was also something we had a difficult time dealing with in our decision to move.  Since we each work with what we feel may be some of the best pharmacy technicians (and intern) in Tennessee, we struggled a bit with the idea of leaving such good working conditions.  People who work hard and are also easy to get along with aren't always easy to find.  From what I hear, we'll be alright at our new stores in south Alabama, though.

There are plenty of things we'll miss from Nashville, such as the Pancake Pantry, which we enjoyed just this morning while my dear mother was passing through town.  On the other hand, I dealt with enough snow this Winter to last the rest of my life.

All things considered, we are definitely looking forward to the benefits of home ownership and being closer to family... as well as beating my brothers in golf several times this Summer!


The Halls said...

I can't wait to see what BC does with your new home, it will be fabulous! I'm so excited for y'all!

Ross Hatcher said...

Emily Hall used the word "y'all." How Southern!