Saturday, March 21, 2009

Someone Must Be Bored

What is going going in the brilliant and incredible mind of our magnificent president right now?  Doesn't he know there are important things going on in the country?  I'm sure he does since he is more intelligent and wiser than any other human to ever walk the planet.  However, many of his recent actions prove otherwise.

Apparently, between wrecking the economy and funding infanticide, the Great One has lots of spare time on his hands to travel around the country doing whatever he pleases.

For example, for the past several days, ESPN has shown coverage of president Obama taking time out of his schedule to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket, going through the details and reasoning of each selection he makes.  Why can't he put that much thought into the selection of Cabinet nominees?  Even Coach K agrees with me (more respect given to him now).  Making matters even worse, this avid basketball enthusiast filled out a bracket that would be placed dead last in my pool at the moment.  His first round picks produced 19 correct selections out of 32, placing his foresight and analytical abilities just above those of a chimpanzee.  Uh oh, I better be careful with the primate comparisons.

Our glorious president also had the time to make a leisurely appearance on The Tonight Show earlier this week.  I'm probably mistaken here, but I had always been under the impression that these appearances were typically reserved for celebrities with little true talent promoting works that are generally unimpressive.  Oh wait... that is what he was doing!

In all seriousness though, this new precedent of our leader going on a comedy show to push an agenda is just awkward, at best.  If he were actually as brilliant as Chris Matthews wants you to believe, couldn't he just create a plan that people would like for its merits alone?

Maybe I am the simple-minded one, but I just have a pretty difficult time understanding how he has time for all this gaiety.  Does he really have nothing better to do as the most powerful person in the world, like I don't know, take care of "the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression?"

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