Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Dear Mother

I just want to take this opportunity to ask everyone to keep my mother in your thoughts.  She has recently been diagnosed with bonebreakdownicus and will now require the use of a walker.  At least it's a cool one with wheels!  She is a bit insecure about her newly acquired handicap, so try to be mindful of this when you see her out in public.  It's also a good thing she has completely lost her vision and some mental abilities with her old age and is unable to read my blog.

As you can see by the background of the picture, her lack of proper mental faculties has also led her to redecorate her entire home as if she is living in the '70s.  We feel this is just a desperate attempt on her part to feel younger again since she is still somewhat aware of her declining functions.  It's really sad to see her aging much faster than her elder siblings.

Furthermore, my father's ability to be of assistance to her is also diminishing rapidly.  This is evidenced by the fact that he will be aging into a new decade of life this week (50) and is now in need of heavy amounts of daily medications.  On a positive note, he will now have access to a myriad of senior citizen benefits (just got an AARP card in the mail.)

Okay, I made all that up.  Well, my dad is actually turning 50 on Saturday, so be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday if you see him.  I really wrote this so I could put up the picture up of my mom leaning on a walker.  Isn't she funny?  


Anonymous said...

Oh, do you really want me to leave a comment on this one? You're grounded for life! Mom

Anonymous said...

Come on MamaBeck. We all know how much you LOVE having your picture taken.

Ross Hatcher said...

She was just taking the thing for a test drive so she will know what kind she wants for herself in a couple of years.