Monday, September 29, 2008

The Vote

I am grateful and relieved for the results of the vote in the U.S. House today. Our representatives (at least the majority of them) felt the economic bailout bill was not what our country needed at this time. I heard the news on the radio at work today, and it was quite possibly the highlight of my day. While I do not completely understand all the intricacies of the plan, I can not in any way agree that our government need to be spending $700 billion dollars on correcting the poor financial decisions of other people. Wouldn't that money be better utilized if it was just given back to the taxpayers themselves. If you were an ACTUAL TAXPAYER with a little bit of mortgage trouble, you could use that money to help improve your individual situation. If you're a taxpayer who was smart enough not to buy a house you couldn't afford to begin with, you could simply get the honor of receiving some of the money you worked so hard to earn in the first place.
On another positive note, I also got my XBox back from Micorsoft today via the man in the brown shorts. Well, I actually got a brand new one as they were unable to repair the old one I sent to them that got the "Red Ring of Death." See above picture for my example of the "Red Ring of Death." A new one is fine with me, though. It did, however, act a bit moody when trying to connect to the internet which made me a little perturbed.
Today was also a fairly pleasant day at work since we were almost fully staffed for the entire day. It's amazing how a nearly full staff can make such a huge difference in a pharmacy...simply amazing! Well, I should be off to bed now so I can get up tomorrow and do it all over again.

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Rylen said...

X-Box sucks,

As does Ross!

Your so gay.

Anyway you need to come see me and my boy sometime. I miss your CC cookie's.