Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two Good Meals Today

Just another daily update for all my adoring fans...Betty Clair was in a "wifely" mood today and made homemade biscuits for breakfast. She also had a home-cooked meal waiting for me at lunch, too. We had chicken casserole, corn on the cob, and cornbread. That sounds pretty corny when I see it written down. I love it when she is in that kind of mood, though. Not much else that was very exciting went on in our little world today. I did make it down to the driving range to work on my game some today. My ball-striking abilities were not quite where I would like, though. Maybe next time will be better. I've just got to get enough consistency to beat my little brother when I get the chance. That should be in about a month or so. We get to go back to Grand Bay for Neely's (cousin) wedding and hopefully Ryan and I will be able to get a round in during that weekend. Tomorrow, I'll be back at work for a full 15-hour day of filling prescriptions, so there probably won't be any posting. Check back just in case, though. Later...

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